SNV Junior Scholarship Nominations now open

Once again SNV are offering merit-based scholarships to eligible junior male and female representative program players. The Scholarships are designed to reward Junior players who have shown excellence and commitment to the sport of volleyball and who play across multiple representative programs at a state level or higher. It also aims to reduce the financial burden on families which comes with playing high level sport.

In order to be eligible players need to:

  • Have been a player in the 2016 SNV Representative Program in either a junior or senior team AND
  • Have participated in at least two other representative volleyball teams/programs at a state level or higher during 2016 (eg. NSW Volleyball, NSW CCC, NSW CHS, AVL, AUS Camps, in either indoor or beach competitions) 

Scholarship winners will receive:

  • The full cost of their SNV Representative Program Fees (excluding uniform and player bond) for the following year.

Nominations will be reviewed by the SNV Board and successful applicants will be announced at the annual SNV Presentation Dinner on Saturday, November 5th.

The application takes only takes a few moments and can be completed by players, coaches or parents. Apply here –