SNV Social Referee Course

SNV would like to invite our members to attend a free 3 hour social referee course on March 18th. This course will not give you a badge or qualify you to referee at SVL but it will teach you the rules & signals you need to know to competently referee and score a game in our social comps! It is the perfect referee course for those who are new to refereeing or just need a confidence boost on the stand – including clarifying some of the rules changes in the past few years!

As an incentive to improve the quality of the duty performed in our social comps this course is FREE to all currently registered members and all participants will receive course materials, a pen and a whistle to keep. The course will be presented by 2 of our qualified referees; Ivy Hornibrook and Colin Lai.

The course will have 2 hours of theory followed by an hour on the court to practice. We are asking everyone to please sign up by March 17th so we can be prepared with course materials –

Date: Saturday, March 18th 2017

Time: 1 – 4pm

Location: Ryde Community Sports Centre, Kent Road, North Ryde (part of ELS Hall grounds)

Bring: A drink bottle

Wear: Comfortable clothes (we’ll need some demo plays!)

Provided: Course notes, pen & whistle

Who: Any currently registered member of SNV