SNV Juniors heading to AJVC 2018!

SNV is thrilled to have 17 players travelling to the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships in 2018 plus another 6 shadows in the NSW State Squad this year!! SNV is pleased to be able to offer these players travelling to QLD $100 each towards the cost of attending this national event and has invited them to share a bit about their volleyball past & present with us.

Amy Wolken Under 16s (right)

My name’s Amy and I play for NSW U16s and SNV Sharks (U17). Mostly, I play outside or universal but I’m also learning middle and have been a setter in the past. I love everything about volleyball from the friends & laughs to the pure satisfaction of a good rally.
This is an exciting opportunity to share my favourite quotes from some inspiring people. Maybe you, too, can find motivation in these powerful words.
‘It’s okay, I have your mum’s permission to do this!’ *whacks me on head with notebook* ~ Coach Kylie
‘Go shag balls’ ~ Anonymous SNV coach, 10 points for guessing who
‘Hit the ball in.’ ~ Anonymous school coach

I’m beyond excited for AJVC & more volleyball to come!

PS SNV is wonderful, particularly that lovely administrator!
PPS said administrator threatened to withhold my $100 if I didn’t add that last part.

Emma Hancock Under 17s

Team: SNV Sharks (U17’s Women’s) & NSW U17’s

Position: Middle Blocker
Loves: Getting a kill block
Loathes: Being on the bench

Favourite Coach Quote: “A smart hitter is as dangerous as a hard hitter”

When Not Playing Volleyball: Schoolwork & coaching or playing netball


Grace Blomfield Under 16s

SNV U17 Sharks : Position – Middle blocker

My name is Grace and I am Middle Blocker for the SNV Sharks. This is my second year with SNV and the Sharks are a great team. Everyone’s really friendly and supportive which is one of my favourite things about Volleyball. I love that as a team we have to trust each other and support each other. It’s easy to blame yourself if you miss a serve or play a bad shot, but the team always make sure you know that it’s alright.

When I’m not playing Volleyball I’m either studying or listening to music or playing music. My favourite band is Panic! At The Disco and they’re touring this year. I also love to hang out with my friends and play Mario Kart and have a laugh.

Emily Ji Under 15s Championship

Name: Emily Ji

Team: NSW U15’s Championship team (and SNV Wolves)

Position: Setter

Fun fact: I love finding succulents to add to my collection




Katie Economos Under 17s

Position: Setter
Team: Div 1 SNV Foxes

One thing I’ve always looked forward to is playing volleyball. I love the competitive team environment where I can improve my skills and bond over the sport with the friends I have made. I have been playing for 4 years and through all the sports I have played, volleyball has been my favourite.

Off the court, I love listening to music and spending time with friends and family.

My goal is to advance my skills further and hopefully make a national team playing the sport I love.


Kaylah Street Under 15s Championship

Position: Libero “I like being Libero because I love the feeling of passing a perfect ball to the setter.”
Favourite Volleyball Skill: Serving “It’s the only skill that I have full control of.”
Other Hobbies: Being really good at binge watching Netflix

I was first introduced to volleyball by my Mum. I have been a part of the volleyball community since I was in her tummy! I guess you can say I was born for it. I would have never started playing if it wasn’t for her. Her love for the sport is endless! One thing I love about volleyball is that it is an amazing sport. You learn so much from being in a team, the importance of sportsmanship, team work and trust which are skills for life. I have reached where I am today because of the consistent hard work and determination.

An unforgettable quote that I have been told by one of my coaches was “You always give 110% every time you come to training and I love that!” (Coach Brooke Mitchell, SVNSW U15s 2016) I will never forget this quote because I have always performed better when I think about it.

Olivia Griffith Under 17s

Team: U17’s State team, DIV 1 SNV Foxes
Position: Middle Blocker for State, Opposite for SNV

I started playing volleyball in 2015 as part of the Riverside Girls school team. I had only gone to the trial as my PE teacher had forced me to as a punishment for talking during class. I guess I should thank her!!  I used to practise everyday in the backyard by passing to myself and hitting balls at my brother (Sorry Nick!). This is my 3rd time representing NSW at AJVC.
My favourite aspect of volleyball is how fast paced it is and the friends I’ve been able to make along the way. A big thank you to SNV for supporting all the junior athletes competing this year – it is very much appreciated.

Appollo Shi Under 17s (right)

Team : U17
Position : Outside Hitter
Favorite Quote : “We aren’t going to Gold Coast for a vacation.”

Volleyball is one of my most enjoyable hobbies, I play volleyball 4 times a week and look forward to it every time. The intense teamwork needed to play volleyball creates an unbreakable bond between me and my team, my volleyball team is almost like my second family.

When I am not playing volleyball I enjoy playing soccer and other sports. I also work a part-time job at a takeaway shop to support my volleyball financial needs.

 Sasha Pysarenko Under 17s (pictured above left with Appollo)

Thank you to Sydney north for supporting me with my trip to Queensland playing in the ajvc in 2018. This payment of $100 with contribute in aiding me on my trip to the state championships. Again a huge thank you to my club Sydney North Volleyball for supporting me financially and training me.

I play as a libero/Outside Hitter.

I love the atmosphere that surrounds me and the pressure that thrives on me to become better as an athlete on and off the court.

Favourite coach quote ” it’s a serve and pass game” Karch Kiraly

Ethan Garrett Under 19s Championship

2016 SNV Representative U/19 and Div 1 Men’s
2017-Present Volleyball Australia Centre of Excellence
2018 Australian Youth Representative Team – Asian Youth Championships

Position: Pass hitter/ Outside Spiker

I love volleyball because its such an enjoyable game to play. The volleyball community is such an amazing community and it is great to be a part of.
I don’t often have a lot of time not playing volleyball, I’m usually either at school or at home studying.
My favorite quote from a coach is from Robbo who was the head coach of the QAS for many years. “I never lose. I either win, or I learn.”

Harley Sinclair Under 14s

I started volleyball this year at Pittwater High School in the volleyball team after being a spectator at the 2017 indoor championships watching my brother Kiefer compete.  I said to myself that it looked like a fun sport to be involved in.
I got more into the sport with my school team when we went to Newcastle to play in the Schools Cup where we came second.  We then played in the men’s State Cup which we did not do too well in.
I have also participated in the U15 Metro which was exciting and competitive. My teammates were really friendly who I loved playing volleyball with and best of all we ended up winning the gold medal.  After winning that I decided to try out for the U14 State team which I ended up making as a travelling player.
I also play soccer with Narrabeen Football Club during winter and in summer I play tennis.
Some of the things that I love about volleyball is the friendly community always wanting to help out and help you improve.  Another reason is because of my SNV coach, Takae, as she brings cupcakes to training when it’s your birthday!


Nick Griffith Under 15s

Team: U15’s State team, U15’s SNV Spikers

Position: Libero for State, Setter / Libero for Spikers

What do you love/loathe about Volleyball: I love playing cause it’s fun and I’ve made some great friends. I seem to get hurt a lot though!!

Other interests: Setting against the wall,  getting pummelled by my sister with a volleyball and playing XBox

Favourite quote from Coach: Practice doesn’t make perfect, PERFECT practice makes perfect.

 Jayden Cottam Under 15s

Team: State Volleyball NSW Under 15 Boys Team and Sydney North Volleyball Under 15 Boys Team SVL

What I love about volleyball: I love playing volleyball. It is a fun challenge working toward gaining new skills and becoming a better player. Playing volleyball has also helped me make new friends. It has been an amazing experience playing for SNV and NSW and I look forward to competing at AJVC.

What do I do when I’m not playing volleyball? Work on improving my volleyball skills 🙂 I generally enjoy being active…..riding my mountain bike, unicycling, playing a game of soccer or basketball, riding my motorbike, swimming and being outdoors.

“I aim to do my best at everything”


Kiefer Sinclair Under 16s

I play indoor volleyball for for  the NSW U16 State Team, Sydney North DIV 1 Men’s Team and I captain the U19 Sydney North Team. I also played in the NSW U17 Beach State Team. My position is setter and I love it.
I also play soccer with Pittwater RSL as my club and for my school Pittwater High.

I enjoy volleyball so much and it’s because of these few reasons when I play setter I control the game and I am like the Quarterback of a football team, I also enjoy the strategic side of volleyball and all the plays and combos that come with playing the great game. Finally I enjoy the community that surrounds volleyball and all the friends I have made through playing the sport.

I am on the Australian pre-youth squad and the first achievement in my life goals is to make the Australian squad that travels to Thailand next year.


Sam Chen Under 14s

Hi, This is Samuel Chen playing in the U17 boys for SNV and playing in the U14 boys for state.

I have been playing volleyball for around a year and I play uni or outside.

When I’m not playing volleyball usually I am studying or playing other sports.

My favourite thing about volleyball is that it is a great team sport that requires everyone to work together.


Vincent Le Under 19s Development

Name: Vincent Le
Team: Under 19’s Mens Development Team
Club: Sydney North Volleyball Club
Position: Setter/Universal
Height: 182 cm (5’11 ¾ )
Reach: 238 cm
Spike: 310 cm
What I love about Volleyball – The intensity which some rallies can get, the feeling of winning a point, the noise from the team/audience,  a perfect set/block, the overall fun