SNV Juniors headed to AJVC 2019!

SNV is excited to have 16 players travelling to the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships in 2019 as part of the NSW Junior State Squad.
SNV is pleased to be able to offer these players travelling to Canberra $100 each towards the cost of attending this national event and has invited them to share a bit about their volleyball past & present with us.
Read to the bottom for some wise words from one of our youngest players!
Thanks Sheilah Adam for providing so many of them with great photos!

Fraser Garrett Under 19s (right)

What position I like to play: setter, pass hitter.

What do I love about volleyball? I like how the game is so fast and you are always involved.

What do I do when I’m not playing volleyball: I’m playing basketball, playing PlayStation or going to school.

Why did I start playing volleyball? Had no choice; it was always going to end up happening when a family is volleyball obsessed like mine.

Sydney North is such a great club because as this grant shows they like to support their athletes and I think that the club produces a lot of great talent and future volleyball stars

Katie Economos Under 19s

I started playing volleyball about five years ago and I’ve loved setting from the beginning.
Being a setter means connecting and communicating well with the hitters and when they get a kill it feels I’ve got one too!
Playing on a team with such great energy is so much fun and I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else!

Kiefer Sinclair Under 17s Championship

You may remember me, I used to sleep with my volleyball! I feel a bit unfaithful as I slept with two last night, indoor and beach.
My name is Kiefer Sinclair and “I play the position of Volleyball” (quote from Paul Smith), nah I play setter. I started playing volleyball in 2016 when I was in year 7 because it looked fun and I wanted to try a new sport.
I love volleyball for many, many reasons; the community, playing with my favourite club SNV, going away on tours and Nationals and everything the sport brings with it. When I’m not playing indoor volleyball I’m playing beach and when I’m not playing beach I’m watching volleyball at home, volleyball is my life and my life revolves around volleyball. I am very grateful for all the people who have helped me get to where I am today and especially Sydney North.

Tarlin Lou Under 17s Sky

Volleyball is a sport that reaches a level of social and physical bonding and satisfaction greater than any other sport I have ever played. During the times when I’m not playing volleyball, I like to play video games, hang out with friends and watch YouTube. I started playing volleyball a couple years ago when I was unsure of which sport to select for my summer grade sports in year 8. Now I’m glad I chose volleyball!

Sofia Stuckman Under 17s

I am 16 years old and I have been playing volleyball since I was in 3rd grade. I play the outside position, and what I love most about the sport is the feeling you get when you smash the ball on the other side and the support that the whole team provides. When I’m not playing volleyball I love to play touch footie and spend time with my family. My favorite quote from a coach would have to be “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”.  My dad, who used to be my coach, always tells me that and it has me going into every game with the right mindset. My dad is also the person who got me starting to play as he used to play in high school and throughout his adult years.

Kaylah Street Under 16s

I have been playing volleyball for 6 years and for the past 4 years I have been in the state program.

For state I play libero and for SNV I play opposite or libero, but if they need a position for anywhere else I’ll go there.

Last year at SVL I got the All Star 6 U15s Women’s award and I helped lead my team to achieving the gold medal.

I am a driven and hard working volleyball player and hope to play for Australia one day.

Emily Ji Under 16s

Team: U16’s (state), U19’s Sharks

Position: Setter

What I love most about volleyball is playing together in a team and the support we give each other throughout the season. I can honestly say that my team mates and other people I’ve met through volleyball are some of my best friends, forming friendships for life. I also love the feeling when something we’ve practiced hard in training works during a match, whether that be a combo or a jump serve, it feels so incredibly rewarding. I would like to thank all the coaches that have supported my volleyball journey, it’s been awesome.

Fun fact: I love collecting succulents 🙂 🌵

Nick Griffith Under 16s

Position: Libero
What do you love about volleyball? I love how it promotes teamwork and is a blast to play!
What do you do when you’re not playing volleyball? Homework, working on volleyball skills and video games
Favourite quote from a coach? Clutch Up!
What got you started playing volleyball? My sister started pummeling me with volleyballs
Thank you Sydney North for supporting the 2019 NSW Junior State Squad

Harley Sinclair Under 15s

I play for SNV in the U17’s as a setter most of the time and in the U15 NSW state volleyball team as a middle as I am one of the tallest and lankiest.  At the time of writing this I am in Adelaide playing with the All Schools U16’s in the National Championships.  I remember wanting to play volleyball when I was watching my brother, Kiefer, play at the 2017 AJVC in Queensland so I joined Pittwater High’s volleyball team to start learning.  I love volleyball and have made many new friends from playing.  When I am not playing volleyball I am either watching it or writing emails to get money to play as it is really expensive.  I also play soccer for Narrabeen FC but I may soon have to make a choice. (I do also love playing FIFA on my Xbox.)  My favourite quote from my coach would be to get down lowwww!

Yumi Cailloce Under 15s

I started to play volleyball, in Year 7, 2017. It was introduced to me at school by the Year 10’s at the time. After two years, I soon joined SNV. It was my first ever club activity, as I was the type of person who went from one sport to the next. Volleyball has changed me so much. I have also introduced volleyball to my school friends and we now play every morning just before school starts.
Because I only started volleyball recently, I don’t really have a position. I am pretty happy wherever the coach puts me. I believe that playing tennis before volleyball has helped me massively when serving and spiking which is one reason why I like volleyball. I also believe that teamwork and communication is key to volleyball. What I don’t like about volleyball is the confusion when transitioning of back court setter or libero (not that I have got to learning that stage yet), but I will get there.

When I am not playing volleyball, I try to finish all of my home/school work before my training sessions or games. This has helped me with time management and organisation. My favourite quote from a coach is from Coach Sheilah, “If you don’t win the set/points back, I’m going to quit coaching,” she would say when we were losing. Sometimes, we would lose the set, but she still hasn’t quit coaching yet so that’s good news! Thankfully, I have made the State Travelling Team. I have come so far from where I have started, only two years ago. State has also been another opportunity to improve my skills, but I think it is not enough to my standards. I want to be really good at volleyball.

Will Cottam Under 14s

Over the past two years I have enjoyed training, gaining knowledge and skills, and playing in SVL with Sydney North Volleyball Club. I am also playing for NSW in the Under 14’s Boys Team.

On the court I love playing as a passer-hitter, but I have fun and play wherever the coach wants me to.

I love how volleyball is a non-contact sport and that there are so many people who are interested in the sport, and lots of clubs to play with or against. Being part of a team, you get to make friends, share the excitement of winning, encourage each other despite disappointments, and watch each other grow and improve.

When I’m not playing volleyball, I enjoy riding my mountain bike and mucking around in the backyard with my brothers kicking a soccer ball, playing basketball, or hitting a volleyball around. I love going fishing. I also have a lot of fun with RC cars and planes, which is another interest of mine. Of course, I do try to find time to do my homework as well!

One thing every coach has told me which I think is great advice is to make sure I have fun. They also have all told me to move my feet. I’m trying!

I’m glad I play volleyball. I’m thankful that my brothers and I became interested in volleyball and found SNV.

Genevieve Brookes Under 14s

I started volleyball in 2018 and loved it from the beginning. I firstly joined my school team, then went on to take part in the Junior Development Program, joined Sydney North, and was accepted for the U14s state squad. My preferred position is an outside hitter or otherwise a middle blocker. I love volleyball because of the friends I have made, the opportunities it has given me, and also how it gives me something fun to do with my time.


 Georgia Garrett Under 14s

What position I like to play: Middle

What do I love about volleyball? I love so much about volleyball, learning new skills, the competition and most of all the team environment.

What do I do when I’m not playing volleyball: I play netball on a Saturday morning and train on a Tuesday night as well as doing aerobics on a Friday night.

Why did I start playing volleyball? I’ve been around volleyball most of my life. 4 years ago my brothers and I went to junior academy a few times which was on a Friday night, after that my brothers went on to playing SVL and the year after I tried out for Sydney North but didn’t get in considering I was too young although I still trained for the year. The year after, last year, I tried out again and got in;; I played and trained and it was a good experience to play in a team environment and to grow as a player.

Thank you to my coach Sheilah who has coached me last year, for NSW this year and is my coach for the under 16w Sydney North Panthers which are going through to the semi finals at SVL. Thank you for helping me grow a lot as a player.

Hannah Young Under 14s

Position – Anything (prefer outside hitter)
What I love about volleyball – the enjoyment I get from playing it with my friends
What I do when I’m not playing – Play other sports or hang out with my friends
Favourite quote from coach – “It’ll take some time but you’ll get it”
What got me started playing – Trying out for the school team with my friends


Remy Song Under 14s

I love playing volleyball when I was in year 4.
I didn’t even know how to play volleyball at the start but since I met Georgia while my mum and her parents were coaching, we became a good friends then that’s how I started playing with SNV.
My skills are getting better and I improved so much because of my coach Sheilah taught me lots of techniques and important volleyball stuff:


*Fill the gap

*Get in the serve

*Don’t hesitate

*Get the ball straight away

*Spike down! Not above

*Encourage your teammate

*Listen to the captain and coach



I wrote it last year, as I needed to keep my memory. Luckily I have Sheilah at AJVC U14s women’s team too so I am going to keep those important things in my mind and use it at AJVC too. Also I would like to get know our team well and my volleyball goal is to get better at hitting, passing and encouraging my team with a lot of communication and I would like to be a better person in the future.