SNV Covid-19 Guidelines (updated 21 August 2020)

Volleyball has returned but it is essential players follow the guidelines in order for community sport to continue.

August 21st, 2020
It has been quite the week for school and community sport and we are grateful to Volleyball NSW and other State Sporting Organisations for seeking clarification on the NSW Health recommendations made earlier this week.

Please read the update from Volleyball NSW and also note these important points from SNV –

  • SNV social competitions will continue as normal with the existing safety protocols in place
  • NSW Health recommends avoiding carpooling where possible.
  • Regional players & coaches and those from beyond a 10km radius continue to be welcome to participate with SNV, however NSW Health advises you to consider your need to participate. This is where the “grey” area comes in and each sport and individual is able to make a determination based on their location and what is available to them. The intent is not to stop sport but to encourage local competition where possible. For sports with greater participation, and available venues, this may mean each Local Government Area is able to run its own competition but that is obviously not the case with volleyball.
  • SNV completely understands that all players are participating under varying life circumstances and will have differing levels of comfort at continued participation based on the recent recommendations so we encourage all players and families to do what feels right for them, with no judgement or negative implications for the future. We encourage everyone to support their team mates in any decisions they feel necessary. Having said that, if you no longer wish to play please communicate that as soon as possible so we can make any necessary adjustments.

Please take the time to read the latest list of Covid-19 locations from NSW Health and do not attend any SNV event if you have visited these locations in the previous 14 days.

Where can I play now?
Social Training at Olympic Park, Rep training and SNV social comps at Ryde Aquatice Centre (women’s comp), Willoughby Leisure Centre and North Ryde have all resumed; staty tuned for Thornleigh restarting later in the year.

We recommend the following in preparation to play –

  • Get yourself registered! Your membership will be valid until March 31st, 2021.
  • Prepare yourself physically – get some exercise now, increase your fitness and reduce the risk of injury, especially if you’ve been a Covid couch potato. Consult a medical professional if necessary.
  • SNV recommends downloading the COVIDSafe app

Whilst we are very enthusiastic about being back on court we do acknowledge things will not be quite as they were, with additional rules and safety regulations in place. We will need everyone to play their part in keeping our community safe and able to continue the resumption of activities. Below are the expectations of anyone attending SNV activities, although they may become more or less restrictive as government and venue guidelines change and may vary somewhat from venue to venue.


  • Be mindful of your activity level during isolation and seek medical advice if necessary. Expect to take it easy for the first few sessions and just enjoy being back!
  • Comply with the requirement to use hand sanitiser (supplied) before the session, during time outs, drink breaks or change of ends and after the game/session
  • No spectators allowed for now
  • Some venues have no water fountains in use so please bring 1 or 2 FULL and LABELLED drink bottles
  • Sign in on arrival & ensure names on score sheets are 100% accurate and legible
  • Remain 1.5m from others wherever possible, including placing your belongings 1.5m apart, bench players sit 1.5m apart, duty scorers sit 1.5m apart etc
  • Limit use of communal facilities as much as possible, there will be toilets but no change rooms available
  • Follow the advice to “arrive, train/play, go home” and avoid lingering or mingling with others
  • Refrain from team huddles, high fives, handshakes, kissing, hugging and any other physical contact
  • Do not share personal equipment such as whistles, tape, scissors, towels, shirts, food or drink. No food or drink apart from water allowed in the venue.
  • In line with NSW Health, we recommend the wearing of a mask whilst doing duty
  • Do not use spit or sweat to wipe anything, including shoes
  • Sneeze or cough in to your elbow, avoid touching your face
  • Warm up and match balls should be cleaned with wipes before and after the warm up/game (wipes supplied)
  • Referee stand & scoring equipment should be wiped down between games
  • Pens will be supplied as usual and should be wiped between games, however you are encouraged to bring your own
  • There will be no flags for lines people, please indicate with hand signals (and jumping up and down for foot faults if necessary)


  • Do not attend if you are unwell
  • Do not attend if you have been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the past 14 days or if you have been advised to self-isolate by NSW Health
  • Do not attend if you have returned from another country or been on a cruise ship in the past 14 days
  • Agree to a temperature check on entry if requested by the venue or SNV (not anticipated at this time)
  • Comply with all current government & venue regulations regarding public health orders and advice


    Advise SNV as soon as possible if you become unwell with flu like symptoms or have a positive Covid-19 test within 14 days of attending any SNV event

 Looking forward to seeing you all back on court soon!