Senior Women’s Spring Training

Wishing SVL wasn’t over? Thinking about next year already? Spring Training is the answer!

2022 Women’s Spring Training Sessions are 8 – 10pm Thursdays; from September 29th – December 15th.

These training sessions are open to

  • 2022 SNV Women’s Premier and Division 1 players
  • 2022 SNV Under 18s women who turn 18 in 2023
  • Women from outside the 2022 program but playing at a Division¬†2 standard or above

All players need a minimum of a Recreational Membership ($44) with Volleyball NSW & Sydney North Volleyball to participate.

Tickets are $15 per session and must be pre-purchased before arrival via Eventbrite; sales will be open until 8:30pm for each session but may sell out before that.

Refunds for session withdrawal are available up to one day before the event, however Eventbrite does not refund the booking fee.

The sessions will mostly be coached by SNV Premier Women’s coach, Scott Nichols, although there may on occasion be a guest coach.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]; we look forward to seeing you there!