Purpose of policy

Sydney North Volleyball (SNV) is the largest and one of the longest running volleyball clubs in New South Wales. SNV has a strong presence in NSW representative level indoor volleyball. This policy and procedure has been developed to assist in addressing complaints and feedback which may arise within the SNV representative program.

SNV holds their duty of care, and club values such as integrity, respect, transparency, and fairness in high regard. It is important that the club fosters an environment where all the people involved feels safe and are treated equally and fairly.


Below is a flowchart in regards to the formal procedure and process in lodging and managing a complaint and/or feedback within the SNV representative program.

Complaints and feedback flowchart

Complaints and Feedback Team (CAFT)

The Complaints and Feedback Team (CAFT) is comprised of a group of volunteers who are involved in the representative program, such as players and coaches. CAFT’s responsibility is to review and investigate complaints and feedback submissions lodged through the SNV website. On the form, reporters can nominate which member of CAFT to manage their submission.

CAFT members are required to review and investigate matters in a fair, equitable, and respectful manner, upholding SNV club values. There may be times where a CAFT member will consult with another CAFT member to discuss options in addressing a matter.

Reporting and review

As this is a new policy a formal review of the policy and procedure will be conducted at the end of the year (2015) where feedback will be sought from members in regards to the process. A report will then be prepared for the SNV board for comment and review. If there are any urgent changes needed prior to this time, this will be requested through the SNV board.

A quarterly report will be submitted to the SNV board by CAFT for review purposes in regards to the nature of complaints and other data that may be of value to the club. Confidentiality will be maintained where possible. This report will allow SNV to address any recurring issues and enable the board to further positively develop our representative program.

Document prepared by: Sandy Chan
Date: 15/06/2015