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SNV member since

Ages ago... joined again in 2007


Middle Blocker
SNV member since
Ages ago... joined again in 2007
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  1. How long have you been with SNV?
    Too long to remember! There was a period sometime BC (before children) but have been back for about 7 years now.
  2. Where do you play/how are you involved with SNV and volleyball?
    I have been the SNV Administrator since September 2012. I have played at Ryde Aquatic Centre (many years ago!) North Ryde RSL, the Sunday night women’s comp and in the women’s rep team until a knee injury sidelined me last year – jury is still out on when I’ll be back.
    [Editor’s note: Nerradene is back! Playing Women’s social on Sunday nights – it’s a great come back comp for many women.]
  3. Favourite volleyball memory?
    That would have to be Good Neighbour 1999 when I won a trophy AND the best husband ever!
  4. Best volleyball advice you’ve been given?
    From my high school coach who was clearly frustrated with our pathetic serving – “There are 81 square metres of court to choose from – just get it into one of them”
  5. Your favourite thing about playing?
    Team spirit and smashing a ball (recently realised whilst peppering with my husband Richard how much I miss hitting a ball since not being able to play!)
  6. What do you do when you’re NOT playing volleyball?
    Love the outdoors – bushwalking, camping, especially with the kids.
  7. What does the SNV administrator do?
    Whatever the board asks me to! The job includes lots of paperwork & emails, booking venues, paying bills, making sure people register (my least fave part of my job – come on people, it’s for your own good!), helping new people find teams (my fave part of the job – love it when the clinic puzzle pieces come together and everyone goes away in a happy team), collecting fees, MYOB (yes, I like that too, maybe that makes me weird), taking minutes, communicating with State Volleyball NSW, overseeing the representative program including fees & uniforms. I’m sure you get the idea!
  8. Best thing about SNV?
    The happy & friendly but competitive spirit and the volunteers that make it happen.