It is compulsory to have appropriate membership of State Volleyball NSW and Sydney North Volleyball before participating in any SNV competition or event. Membership for the 2019/2020 period is now open!

All membership registrations are processed via Fortix by State Volleyball NSW.

If you have already created a Fortix profile previously you should login and renew your registration from within Fortix.
New Fortix members should register via the portal on the  State Volleyball NSW website.

As a general rule, if you only play in social comps you need a GOLD membership, if you play SVL you need a PLATINUM membership.

How do I register?

Please follow these step by step instructions on how to register!

Important points to note!

  • You NEED to select 2019/20 Sydney North Volleyball Membership under “select your club” (or one of your clubs if you play elsewhere too) to become a member of SNV and for us to be able to verify your membership; you do this after you have completed the form and paid
  • You can be a member of multiple clubs but you need to select them one at a time and save in between
  • Fortix works better when used on a computer, not a phone
  • You need a unique email address for each member (ie parents don’t use your own email for your child if you are also a member)
  • You can log back in to Fortix  to add other clubs or update your details anytime
  • Your SVNSW number is your contact code / contact ID found in your profile on your dashboard

Need help?

Please contact SVNSW – [email protected]

Player Accident Insurance

Membership with State Volleyball NSW includes Player Accident Insurance.
Please contact SVNSW for any claims or questions – [email protected]