It is essential to have appropriate membership of Volleyball NSW AND Sydney North Volleyball before participating in any SNV competition or event. Membership of SNV is free but essential.

Volleyball NSW offers varying membership types for different levels of play. Most SNV players will need to choose one of the following memberships:

The memberships listed below are available and valid from now until March 31st, 2023. Processing fees will be additional.

  1. Adult Full Membership $88 (allows SVL, social comps, and more. Previously known as Platinum)
  2. U/18 Full Membership $66 (must be turning 17 or less in 2022, inclusions as above)
  3. Adult Recreational Membership $44 (allows social comps, social training & State Cups. Previously known as Gold)
  4. U/18 Recreational Membership $33 (must be turning 17 or less in 2022, inclusions as above)

Please follow the BECOME A MEMBER NOW / LOGIN link at the bottom of this page to register for membership after considering the options below…

A. IF you are new to Volleyball NSW and SNV
Please select New Member to join Volleyball NSW and SNV for the 2022/23 period in one transaction. Costs will be as above. There is no fee to join SNV


B. IF you were a Volleyball NSW & SNV member for 2021/22 through SNV or any other affiliated club… Please select Returning Member to join Volleyball NSW / SNV for the period up to March 31st, 2023. Costs will be as above.
If you need 2022/23 VNSW Membership please choose the appropriate Primary Membership and make payment.
If you already have 2022/23 VNSW membership via another club please choose the equivalent Secondary Membership with SNV and there should be no cost as membership of SNV is free.



More information about memberships can be found on the  Volleyball NSW website however you should register directly via this SNV Become a Member Now link.

Player Accident Insurance

Membership with Volleyball NSW includes Player Accident Insurance.
Please contact VNSW for any claims or questions – [email protected]