It is compulsory to have appropriate membership of State Volleyball NSW and Sydney North Volleyball before participating in any SNV competition or event. All 2018/2019 memberships are valid until March 31st, 2019 so you do not need to renew yet if you were registered in 2018!

All membership registrations are processed via Fortix by State Volleyball NSW. By selecting SNV as your club, or one of your clubs, you are accepting membership of Sydney North Volleyball and agree to be contacted by us and adhere to our by-laws and constitution.

If you have already created a Fortix profile previously you will need your login and password when you complete the form to renew your membership; otherwise you will end up with a duplicate profile and problems!

How do I register?

Thank you Alec Walker for these easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to register!

Head to the SVNSW website or follow the links below to the appropriate membership to complete & pay for your registration – you will be redirected to Fortix.

Important points to note!

  • You NEED to select 2019/20 Sydney North Volleyball Membership under “select your club” (or one of your clubs if you play elsewhere too) to become a member of SNV and for us to be able to verify your membership; you do this after you have completed the form and paid
  • You can be a member of multiple clubs but you need to select them one at a time and save in between
  • Fortix works better when used on a computer, not a phone
  • You need a unique email address for each member (ie parents don’t use your own email for your child if you are also a member)
  • Mastercard & Visa only, no Amex or Diners payments
  • You can log back in to Fortix  to add other clubs or update your details anytime

Need help?

Please contact SVNSW – [email protected]

2019/20 Extended Platinum ( Full Representative) Registration: valid until March 31st, 2020
Click on links below to register (skip SVNSW website) –

With Platinum (Representative/ Full) Registration you can play in all social events listed in Gold PLUS all SNV, SVNSW and Volleyball Australia sanctioned events, including SVL, AVL and AJVC/AJVBC competitions.

2019/2020 Extended Gold (Program / Social) Registration: valid until March 31st, 2020 (this will be most social comp only players).
Click on links below to register (skip SVNSW website) –

With Gold (Program / Social) Registration you can play in any of our social competitions, events run by other SVNSW Affiliated associations & clubs and State Cups run by State Volleyball NSW.

2018/19 Silver – Training /Associate Registration
Covers you for attending training only and does NOT allow you to play in any competition. Also covers non-playing coaches, managers & admin staff and is available online via Fortix; valid until March 31st, 2019.

2018/19 Bronze – One off Event Registration
If your team needs to use a fill in player who is not registered, the player will be required to purchase Event Registration for that night. Valid for one playing session only within 10 days of purchase.

Player Accident Insurance

Membership with State Volleyball NSW includes Player Accident Insurance.

Please refer to the SVNSW Website for details of cover, claims process and related documentation