Please read our June 12th statement regarding Covid-19 and the resumption of club activities.
As it seems likely activities will soon be resumed we strongly encourage all players to register now with a 2020/21 Gold Membership – or Platinum if you are confident you will be playing in a version of SVL at some stage later this year!

It is compulsory to have appropriate membership of Volleyball NSW and Sydney North Volleyball before participating in any SNV competition or event. Registrations purchased now are valid until March 31st, 2021.

All social comp players need to have at least either Adult Gold 2020/21 or Under 18 Gold 2020/21  PLUS Sydney North Volleyball 2020/21 membership. (Platinum if you also play SVL)

Please take a moment to read below and then check your profile to make sure it is correct.

Once done correctly it will look something like this (gold if you only play social, adult if you are turning 18 or above this year):

  • Every player needs either Gold or Platinum 2020/21 VNSW Membership
  • Every player needs Sydney North Volleyball 2020/21 membership (free)
  • All players need a unique email; parents cannot use the same email for multiple children
  • If you create a new profile you will lose your history such as referee qualifications so please use your existing profile if you have one (any issues relating to this can only be fixed by Volleyball NSW, contact Brii via [email protected])

To register or renew please go to this link –

If you are renewing select SIGN IN and use your previous sign in.
If this is your first membership with Volleyball NSW please select REGISTER.

Once you have selected and paid for the appropriate membership you should get a pop up to select your club.

BE CAREFUL – Newcastle is immediately above and closer to us but you need to select the drop down menu BELOW our club listing. See picture below. You then need to scroll down to the bottom and SAVE.
You can be a member of as many clubs as you like as long as you save in between.


Important points to note!

  • You NEED to select 2020/21 Sydney North Volleyball Membership under “select your club” (or one of your clubs if you play elsewhere too) to become a member of SNV and for us to be able to verify your membership
  • Fortix works better when used on a computer, not a phone
  • You can log back in to Fortix  to add other clubs or update your details anytime
  • Your VNSW number is your contact code / contact ID found in your profile on your dashboard

Need help?

Please contact VNSW – [email protected]

Player Accident Insurance

Membership with Volleyball NSW includes Player Accident Insurance.
Please contact VNSW for any claims or questions – [email protected]