2021 Autumn Social Comps

Entries for the SNV 2021 Autumn social comps will open at 10am on April 1st; no we aren’t joking!

As most of you are aware the popularity of volleyball, including our social comps, has sky rocketed and demand is far exceeding our court capacity. Because of this the board has needed to make some changes to the team entry process in order to make sure it doesn’t literally come down to who can type the fastest! There has also needed to be a fee increase due to SNV being required to register for GST from April 1st.

SNV will continue to seek additional court space so we can expand our competitions in the future but for now we have to work with what we have so please read the information below and attached for how to enter the upcoming season. No entry will be considered without both a complete entry form and proof of payment. Unsuccessful teams will be refunded promptly and players will not need to register for individual membership until their team has been confirmed as entered.

MONDAY nights at North Ryde RSL Youth Club & Willoughby Leisure Centre

WEDNESDAY nights at Thornleigh Indoor Sports Stadium (Brickpit)

SUNDAY nights at Ryde Aquatic Centre (women’s comp)

Entries OPEN:            Thursday, April 1st, 2021 at 10am
Entries CLOSE:          Thursday, April 8th, 2021 at 10am   

(update – all grades except Willoughby A1 and Women’s Comp have filled for Autumn)

Cost: $1122 per team incl GST

2021 Autumn Competition Dates:

  • Sunday, April 18th – August 8th (15 weeks)
  • Monday, April 19th – August 9th (15/16 weeks TBC)
  • Wednesday, April 21st – August 11th (15/16 weeks TBC)

Please read the attached CONDITIONS OF ENTRY carefully before completing the ONLINE entry form.

Please take the time to read the Covid-19 Guidelines before entering your team. The guidelines will be updated regularly to reflect the health advice at the time.

Acceptance of Autumn entries will be determined in the following order:

  1. Teams who have entered previously but did not secure a Summer season entry.
  2. The next 4 entries will be first come first served
  3. Remaining competition places will be determined by the SNV Board based on team longevity, previous results, and skill level.

All entries are to be completed via the online form.

If you are a team needing new or extra players please let SNV know as there are a few looking for teams to join. If you know your team is not returning please let us know!